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Our salt scrubs are a fan favorite product but some of us don’t know about all the ways it can be used to rejuvenate our skin! Each jar of salt scrub is hand made with Dead Sea salt, Dendritic salt, Shea butter, Sunflower oil, Almond oil, and Fragrance! We weigh out the salt, then add the oils and fragrance and hand mix it. Finally, we add the Shea butter and mix it in! (Quite an arm workout!) Once it’s ready, we fill and weigh out each container, seal it, and label it!

Mixing our sea salts by hand can be quite the arm workout.

Using a scrub is a great way to enhance your soft skin!

Here are Old Whaling Company's top five ways to use our salt scrubs!


Tip #1: Exfoliate!

Use on any dead or dry skin, even skin that’s peeling. The salt scrub will scrub away those imperfections and leave your skin feeling soft & smooth!


Tip #2: Close Shave!

Use the salt scrub before shaving! Your skin will be exfoliated which will allow for a much closer shave to last even longer.


Tip #3: Moisturize!

Our scrubs include shea butter so they not only exfoliate but they moisturize! Use before our body butter any time your skin is feeling extra dry.


Tip #4: Fragrance Boost!

Rather than washing your hands with bar soap, use the scrub! It will wash your hands and leave them with an extra fragrance boost!


Tip #5: Relax!

After a long day, the scrubs are great to use to pamper yourself! Give yourself a foot massage with the scrub to destress and make your feet feel relaxed and moisturized.

A salt scrub is a fun way to pamper yourself! We make every jar with attention to detail and care! We at Old Whaling Company hope you enjoy your scrubs! We have Coconut Milk, Coastal Calm, Seaberry, Sea La Vie, Magnolia, Fragrance-Free, and seasonal scrubs (until sold out) available! Coconut Milk has hints of Vanilla, Coconut, and hints of Violet. It’s a tropical aroma that will take you to another place. Coastal Calm has notes of coastal grass, jasmine, driftwood, and sandalwood! It’s like a moment by the sea with soft linen. Seaberry has notes of orange, strawberry jasmine, and raspberry! It smells like wild berries and a summer day! Sea La Vie has notes of orange flower, rose, violet, and jasmine! It’s a sea of freshness with orange blossoms and fresh apple! Magnolia has notes of rosewood, water lily, peony, and magnolia blossoms! It’s a refreshing blend of magnolia blossoms and peonies! Fragrance-Free uses no fragrance additive, perfect for sensitive skin!

To use our scrub, we recommend applying while your skin is dry, rubbing for as short or as long as you would like (usually 10-30 seconds is sufficient), then rinse and towel dry.

Every jar of our handmade salt scrub has endless opportunities! It’s a wonderful way to change up your skin routine or to create a new one! We hope you love it!


Lauren Hedwall + OWC Family

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