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The Charleston City Night Market is Open Every Spring!

Baby at Night Market

Every Friday and Saturday 6:30pm-10:30pm mid-March through Christmas, the night market is in full swing. For those wondering, yes the day market vendors pack up and move out, and the night market vendors move in. You will find tons of makers with handmade goods from throughout the area, and of course the most beautifully crafted sweetgrass baskets. It is a free event and a wonderful way to spend time downtown before or after dinner. The lights and live music make it a festive and relaxed atmosphere for everyone.

Not all vendors are there every night market, so if you see something you love, that may be your only shot to buy it! The vendors who take the most of our money include:

  • BR Design – Cassandra + family makes bright + beautiful clay jewelry.
BR Design Clay Jewelry
  • JK Designs – Jessica + Brad have a stunning business, making elegant + simple handmade jewelry pieces with semi-precious stones (be sure to check out her gorgeous retail location at 112 North Market).
  • Oyster Candle Company – Shannon makes the most precious trios of oyster tea light candles boxed and ready for gift giving.
Woman holding gift box with candles from Oyster Candle Company
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