Collection: Bundles

Our bundles feature our most popular products, perfect for sampling our products or for adding a bit of peace and pampering throughout the day. Plus, we've bundled our best selling products to allow for a bundle discount - available year-round! Explore our bundle options to try a variety of scents, or to get gifts for multiple people! We've created these bundles to allow you to try multiple scents or products in the same set! Our Travel Size Eight Body Butter Bundle is great for trying our best selling body butter scents, with options to gift ones to your friends and family! Our Ten Bar Soap Bundle includes our best selling bar soaps, and our bar soaps that have additional benefits such as exfoliating properties or bar soaps that are extra great for your face! Our Six Bath Bomb Bundle is a great way to grab multiple stocking stuffer gifts and each recipient can try a new scent! Or are you searching for a peaceful start to your day or a relaxing way to unwind in the evening? Our bundle sets are a great option if you want to treat yourself to some new scents! Our land crafted, sea-inspired products are handmade by our amazing team of bath and body experts dedicated to upholding the highest quality craftsmanship in Charleston, SC.

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