Collection: Handpoured Soy Wax Candles

Our soy wax candles are 12oz and feature a signature blend of soy and olive wax. Our handmade candles burn longer than traditional soy wax candles and include a lead-free cotton wick. Old Whaling Co. handcrafted candles are $22 each. Light one of our lovely scented soy wax candles and transform your space — delight in fresh, clean fragrances that add a sense of calm and relaxation to your home.

Enjoy fragrances and long burn times of our most popular handmade candles that include:

Coastal Calm
This light and clean fragrance embody the feeling of a gentle ocean breeze sweeping through wild coastal grass. Fresh ocean air is blended with the softness of sandalwood and driftwood to create one of our most serene scents. Coastal Calm is one of our most popular fragrances, perfect for those seeking a tranquil or clean linen scent.

Top: Ocean Breeze, Coastal Grass, Lily
Base: Driftwood, Amber, Sandalwood

Sea La Vie
Sea La Vie features sweet floral and citrus notes carried on a gentle, coastal breeze. This scent is made with a refreshing blend of clean, fresh florals, apple, sandalwood, and white musk. One of our most popular scents, Sea La Vie is an excellent choice for those who love both coastal and floral fragrances.

Top: Seashore, Rose, Jasmine, Fresh Apple
Base: Musk, Violet, Orange Flower, Sandalwood

Seaberry is a blend of ripe wild berries, juicy summer plums, and notes of warm vanilla. This summery scent is a year-round favorite that perfectly blends the natural fruity sweetness with the soothing aroma of vanilla and light floral base notes.

Top notes: Raspberry, Orange, Plum
Base notes: Strawberry, Musk, Vanilla

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