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Today is National Coffee Day and Charleston has some amazing coffee shops that we all love to frequent! Here are some of our favorite shops and our favorite coffee drinks!


The Harbinger

Harbinger Cafe
Photo Credit: The Harbinger

Located downtown at 1107 King St., this is a women owned and operated business. They feature a kitchen that is entirely made from scratch with fresh seasonal items and sweet treats. Their specialty is cold brew coffee. As one of our production team members, Cam, shared, “I love the Honey Latte from The Harbinger! I love it there cause I used to work there- the employees are amazing and the food and coffee are all very unique recipes and delicious!!”


The Daily

The Daily
Photo Credit: The Daily

Located downtown at 652 B King St., this corner coffee stop has a wide variety of coffee, pastries, and much more! Here’s how one of our team members described their favorite coffee shop in Charleston: “I love the Daily's Orange Hazelnut Iced Latte! It's delicious. I'm a bit of a regular at The Daily because it's in walking distance to my house and they always give my puppy a little doggy treat, so he loves it there as well:),” expressed Cam.


Harken Cafe

Harken Cafe
Photo Credit: Harken Cafe

Located downtown at 62 Queen St., Harken Cafe is the sister location to Harbinger, and right down the street from our Broad Street and City Market locations. “It’s impeccable decor makes it feel so home-y and their unique food and drink offerings always allow me to try something new,” says Catie, our Retail Manager, who is a huge fan of their coffee! “I love good coffee and espresso, and their Red Eye is my go-to order. I can never leave without trying a different item from their pastry case!” Another team member Noelle, our Wholesale Manager, says, “Iced Earl Grey + Lavender latte with almond milk, and one of their rotating daily veggie slabs! And anything in their pastry case! This shop is so welcoming + homey, and you really can't go wrong with anything you buy there. I love this shop!”


Brown's Court Bakery

Brown's Court Bakery
Photo Credit: Brown's Court Bakery

Located downtown at 199 St Philip St., this building was built in the 1800’s and is the only remaining structure from that time on this strip! They offer fresh baked bread & buns (arguably the best around), pastries, and a historical ambiance that has a fun modern twist. Head over for an espresso and croissant! Our team member, Celia, loves the Iced Latte with Oat Milk or their Iced Coffee.



Photo Credit: Kaminsky's

Located downtown at 78 N Market St. and in West Ashley at 2 Magnolia Rd., this cute shop is known for its dessert & drink selections! It’s a great place for ambiance and a sweet treat! When discussing her love for Kaminsky’s, a fulfillment team member, Savannah, said, “I don't ever feel judged at Kaminsky's for not being a coffee connoisseur. I order an iced white chocolate latte with decaf espresso. Plus, they have endless cakes, pies, and milkshakes. Win, win!"


Bitty & Beau's

Bitty & Beau's
Photo Credit: itty & Beau's

Located downtown at 159 Church St., this coffee shop is right around the corner from our City Market location. This coffee shop has locations in Wilmington, Savannah, and Annapolis. Bitty & Beau’s primarily employs people with disabilities, advocating for their value and inclusion. By supporting these coffee shops, you are also supporting the awesome employees! “Their iced coffee is my favorite in Charleston!” says Lauren, our Communications Liaison!


Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer

Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer
Photo Credit: Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer

Right behind our new store on King Street [wait… what?! More info coming soon… ;) ] at 4 Vanderhorst St., Kudu is a perfect spot for grabbing coffee or a drink with a friend in their amazing courtyard. While grabbing a locally crafted beer, or locally made pastry, you may get lucky and stumble across some local music to enjoy. Our team member and Chief of Production, Celia, recommends their mocha or dirty chai and quiches.


Second State Coffee

Second State
Photo Credit: Second State Coffee

Located downtown at 70.5 Beaufain St., Second State is a no-frills coffee shop that wants to source, roast and serve the best coffees in the world. Whether visiting the College of Charleston or shopping lower King Street, Second State is just a few blocks away and well worth the visit. “I love Second State Coffee! They serve the most delicious cappuccino and have a friendly staff!” expresses our team member Lauren.


Broom Wagon Coffee

Broom Wagon Coffee
Photo Credit: Broom Wagon Coffee

In West Ashley at 1640 Ashley Hall Rd., Broom Wagon has long been our go-to for midday pick-me-ups. All of their housemade waffles are delicious & we love the iced coffees. “It’s the perfect West Ashley coffee spot!” expressed April, our founder. Noelle, our Wholesale Manager said, “"My regular order is an iced caramel latte with oat milk! But I'd be remiss to not mention their waffles - they are amazing! My personal favorite is their deviled egg waffle."


Muddy Waters Coffee Bar


Muddy Water Coffee
Photo Credit: Muddy Water Coffee

Located on James Island at 1739 Maybank Highway [on the way to John’s Island, Kiawah Island & Seabrook Island!], Muddy Waters is a great local coffee shop that has delicious coffee, tea and fresh baked goodies! Our team member and VP of Operations, Kelly, [who is not a coffee fan] loves their chai latte, hot or iced depending on the season!


Vintage Coffee Cafe

Vintage Coffee Cafe
Photo Credit: Vintage Coffee Cafe

Located in Mount Pleasant at 219 Simmons St., Vintage Coffee Cafe is not only a great coffee shop, but also has delicious breakfast and lunch options. It is in the cutest old house, is very kid friendly and has a great staff as well. Phil, our Data Analyst, always orders their seasonal latte with their delicious Breakfast Burrito with Chorizo and Avocado.

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